Giselle Smalley

Recorded for Real Lives in October 2012, Giselle Smalley tells her remarkable story - left with no family before the age of 20, she lived through WWII in occupied France.  With nothing for her in her home country, she made the decision to come to England.  Listen to her story as she tells of her early life, her move to a new country, and ultimately how she met God.


The Dancer

YBC Real Lives 15 - Fiona Castle 09.jpg

Fiona Castle was a dancer and the wife of TV presenter Roy Castle.  She tells of her life in entertainment and how her Christian faith sustained her through the storm of losing Roy to lung cancer.

Fiona was awarded the OBE in 2004 for charity work.

The Chief Constable

In January 2003 retired police chief Robin Oake received a phone call to say his son, who was also in the police force, had been stabbed to death during an anti-terror raid in Manchester. At a press conference the next day Robin was asked “what do you think of the man who
killed your son?”. Robin prayed for God’s help and then answered the reporter “I forgive him because God can forgive him”.


Hear Robin’s story and find out how God’s forgiveness changes everything.

The Donor

Richard is a twin and father of four from Harrogate. Six years ago aged 36 Richard agreed to donate a kidney to his bother who had Hodgkin Disease. A keen runner, Richard decided to do an Ironman prior to the
operation. He then gained a place on the GB triathlon team at the Euro Championships in Israel, 3 weeks before surgery.


Hear Richard talk about his experience and Christian faith.