York Baptist Church roof-works 2019

UPDATE: The work is complete!

Our wonderful church building is over 150 years old and ha been feeling its age! Whilst it is structurally sound, defects in the two roofs above rooms over the back hall have become apparent in recent years. To keep the building wind and weather tight, we have had to commission repair work and this has come at some cost - but the Lord answered prayer and we were able to fund what needed to be done!

Members of our congregation have contributed generously and we have also been helped by 2 grants from national charities.

One is from the Garfield Weston Foundation who support activities in local communities, this is for £15,000.

The second is from the National Churches Trust of £10,000. They support conservation of historic churches and chapels, which may be installing kitchens or toilets, or like us, repairing roofs or stonework. Our church is a listed building, so we were eligible to apply for a grant.